Thursday Night FACE-OFF

6:00 PM Doors Open

​Your brain is fried. Come play. It will make you a straight A student for life. Guaranteed.

LAST Thursday of every month
* remaining Thursdays of the month are FUEL Nights

This is indoor Arena Floor Hockey. No ice. No icing. No skates. We use low-density street hockey balls. It's fast-paced.
7-minute games. High octane. 90 minutes of adrenaline. Perfect for shaking-off brain-fry from books!  

September through May:  Floor hockey indoors (use Entrance D)

​June, July, August: Volleyball and lounging around outdoors on the West Lawn/Volleyball court area.

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Text Pastor Solomon @ 262-883-5804 for an invite to the Young Adults Facebook group for event updates and announcements.

New to TBC? Want to chat? Call me (Pastor Solomon) and I'd love to sit down with you and hear a little of your story, and hear what you are looking for this season of your life! May God bless you!

Teens & Twenties (Young Adults) Ministry @ TBC

Thursday Night FUEL

Service at 6 pm, Doors open at 4 pm

You run out of fuel by the middle of the week. Come get filled up. Together.

Every Thursday Night

*except for the last Thursdays of the month, which will be FACE-OFF

4–6 p.m. Open House, Part 1: Relax in an open-house format, come anytime you want and find what  you need: grab a quiet cup of coffee in the Cafe, bring a book and reserve a reading room to read or knit, play piano, pray, or just be alone! Work on artwork in our fully stocked art room, jump in a game of capture the queen, or finger-rocket assassins, get a 3-on-3 game of basketball going in the gym, or chill in the game room. This open house time of the night is free for you to use for whatever you need to relax and refuel! About half of our young adults show up during this part of the night. The other half just come in time for the worship service, which starts at 6 p.m. (below).

6–7:15 p.m. Re-Fuel with the FUEL worship service: FRESH teaching + FRESH worship + FRESH fellowship = FRESH FUEL for the new week!   

7:15–8 p.m. Open House, Part 2:

From Pastor Solomon:  Authentic growth comes from authentic community. That was Jesus' design and it hasn't changed. Whether you're just investigating Christianity, or you are already a believer, Thursday nights are a GREAT night to go deeper and build community with the other young adults in our church family! 2018–2019 has been a year of really thinking about and internalizing in our hearts the fact that — hey — if we are believers in Jesus, we are — literally — FAMILY in God's eyes. And, its been AWESOME to see the way our young adults are internalizing that and starting to LIVE IT OUT in increasing ways! Come throw your heart in with ours and let's do this thing called life together! 

NOTE FOR SUMMER:  Schedule changes for summer — call/text Pastor Solomon.

Call/​Text Pastor Solomon @ 262-883-5804 for more information or to join the Young Adults Facebook group where most of our event info is posted.

​Miss FUEL? Watch a recording click here (look for the Thursday Night related videos), just because we love you.