Meet Our Family Pastor

Pastor Solomon & Amanda Powell

​​Pastor Solomon Powell

Pastor Solomon serves as the family pastor here at TBC. He was born in raised in Racine, WI, and was a teenager of the 90s, nourished
on N64 and basketball. He worked in residential care for people with cognitive disabilities out of high school and through college. College
took him to Chicago, IL where he attended Moody Bible Institute and spent a lot of time with middle-school and high-school men as a
part of Inner City Impact, and also with the homeless of the city. It was during this time that he also became a full-blown nerd for New
Testament Greek.

Service trips have taken him everywhere from the rural farms of North Dakota, to the inner city of Regina, Saskatchewan, to Native
American churches in Oklahoma, as well as abroad to Papua New Guinea.

His time at Moody gave him a foundation in linguistics and Greek, which he used when he joined Wycliffe Bible Translators. He then had
further training in both North Dakota and Texas. His background in Greek and Linguistics led to a role as an exegetical assistant with
Wycliffe, with whom he was was a member for 5 years, including two years full-time as a part of the Ilchamus Bible Translation team,
​where he contributed exegetical notes for translating the gospel of Luke. He resigned ​from Wycliffe in 2012 to pursue a calling to
​pastoral ministry. This led him to Moody Theological Seminary in 2014 as an M.Div candidate, which he is at present.

2014 was also the year God brought him the treasure of his world, Amanda. She condescended to be his wife in 2015, and, in his words, he hasn't recovered from the shock ever since.

In 2016, he came to Temple as our Family Partner.

Ministry Passions
Pastor Solomon has a passion for helping people nurture their relationship with God and being as holistically healthy as can be. So he values getting together regularly with the young adults in his care. He also has a burning passion to see a discipleship revival sweep through this generation, with older disciples explicitly discipling younger ones in every church around the world. He longs to see a revival both in discipleship literacy as well as practice. He adamantly believes that discipleship is the commission given not just to clergy, but to every disciple. He believes it is incredibly simple, and a huge reason so many adult and young adult believers have so little joy in their life. As such his goal is to see every single discipleship-ready younger believer at Temple linked with an older disciple in explicit discipleship relationships. This way, they can be discipled and then begin asking the Lord to bring someone into their life for them to disciple as well. And then press repeat until Jesus comes back. If you hear him preach, you'll also learn that he has a special love for expositional Bible preaching-- teaching verse by verse through God's word.

Other Interests

If you want him to become your friend, just throw a football, frisbee, or baseball his way. Really anything that can semi-safely serve as a projectile will do. Be forewarned: if you play catch with him, he will be your friend for life. He pretends he can play disc golf as often as possible too. And he loves music, movies, and pizza.

Educational Background

Pastor Solomon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL (2006); He then completed a Certificate in Linguistics from additional coursework in Semantics, Translation, Second Language Acquisition, and General Linguistics at the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks), and the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, TX (2007-2009). He is currently working on a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation & Discipleship at Moody Theological Seminary (Chicago).

  1. For Young Adults (here is a sample of a sermon from your average night at FUEL!  Our awesome Thursday Night Young Adults Service!:  click here!)

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(If you are REALLY a nerd and want to read his full bio/testimony, you may
here, or email him for a coffee/lunch date. He likes mexican!)