THURSDAY NIGHT FUEL | Service at 6 pm, Doors open at 4 pm

You run out of fuel by the middle of the week. Come get filled up. Together.

Every Thursday Night* (started March 16, 2017)
*except last Thursdays of the month, which will be FACE-OFF Hockey Nights

4–6PM Open House, Part 1:  Relax in an open house format, come anytime you want and find what  you need:   grab a quiet cup of coffee in the cafe, bring a book and relax in a reading room, reserve a private room to knit, read, play piano, pray, or just be alone!   Work on artwork in our fully stocked art room, jump in a game of capture the queen or finger-rocket assassins, get a 3-on-3 game of basketball going in the gym, or chill in the game room.  This open house time of the night is free for you to use it for whatever you need to relax and refuel!

6-7PM Re-Fuel with the FUEL worship service:  FRESH teaching + FRESH worship = FRESH FUEL for the new week!

7–8PM Open House, Part 2.

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​Text Pastor Solomon @ 262-883-5804 for an invite to the Facebook group for
​12–35s for event updates and misc. announcements.

​Miss FUEL? Watch a recording here (look for the Thursday Night related videos), just because we love you.


​Your brain is fried. Come play.  It will make you a straight A student for life.  Guaranteed.

LAST Thursday of every month* (starts Thursday, March 30, 2017)
* first Thursdays of the month are FUEL Nights

This is indoor Arena Floor Hockey. No ice. No icing. No skates. We use low-density street hockey balls. It's fast-paced. 7-minute games. High octane.  90 minutes of adrenaline. Perfect for shaking-off brain-fry from books!  

September through May:  Floor hockey
​June, July, August:  Volleyball

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Text Pastor Solomon @ 262-883-5804 for an invite to the Facebook group for 12–35s for event updates and misc. announcements.

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