Sunday Service: 10:30 am

From Pastor Solomon:

Forget theNETFLIX Series.  This is real life.   Hannah Baker was not real.  You are.

An increasing amount of American Christians genuinely, genuinely believe they can have a healthy spiritual life without a close connection with a local church. They are sincere, but sincerely mistaken. If you are in that category, would you please, humbly, give me the chance to convince you?

You are incredibly, incredibly, valuable in God's eyes. And if you sever yourself from a local church, I believe the teaching of the Bible is that you are literally committing spiritual suicide. Please give me a chance to convince you. Then please get find a good Bible-teaching local church family, plant yourself richly within it, get strong, and then let's wake up our generation! We have work to do and a mission from the King, but we if we get cut off from one another, we are utterly useless and weak.

This is literally life & death.  And there is literally no time to waste.

There are 13 videos in this series. Each about 6 minutes long. And each presents a different reason why severing yourself from a vibrant connection with a local church is spiritual suicide, and why the suicide will not only affect you, but many other lives as well.

So start here.   Start now.   This is

TH1RTEENR3ASONS WHY (Spiritual Suicide Edition)